Why is Scheduling Still So Damn Hard?

Posted by Jobi George on Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stephen recently wrote

What I would love is to be able to offer - selectively or publicly - visibility into my calendar, with ACL based write access that’s easy enough for anyone to use. The sheer amount of time this would save come conference time, when 10’s or 100’s of people are asking for time with us, would be worth its weight in gold. It would allow us to push the burden of scheduling onto those who request our time. You want to meet with us? Great. Here’s the schedule, knock yourself out.

I agree this is THE BLOG tool for collaborative scheduling. What needs to be built is a standard way to export the calendar entries. I think iCal has a good shot at solving it. Tools can be built to intermediate the negotiation between calendars. Another use case is that you don’t really want to show all your calendar busy times but only a view/subset of it. Is anybody interested in collaborating on this one?

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