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Introducing Meshcentral.com

MeshCentral is an experimental service from Intel Software and Services Group. The service concept is the brainchild of the brilliant researcher Ylian Saint-Hilaire. I joined with Yllian early this year as the business guy to bring MESHCentral technologies to market. In a nutshell, MeshCentral is a very simple concept of allowing easier/scalable (P2P) ways to connect edge nodes (PC, embedded CE, routers, etc..) to Cloud Services that allow secure discovery with the ability to send authorized events and deliver secure control messages.

Sun Microsystems to sell 'virtual' Windows PCs

Now, who would have thought Sun would go to this length. But this shows the newfound maturity and the savviness of the young CEO. Sun now, with the acquisition, can provide a good stack for hosted desktop solutions. Sun Microsystems plans to introduce software and hardware to create “virtual” Windows and Linux personal computers that can be accessed via desktop machines, laptops and cell phones.“We are going to announce (it) soon,” said Steve Wilson, a Sun vice president involved in the project.

Announcing SuiteTwo.com - An enterprise 2.0 solution powered by Intel

Today Intel is announcing the launch of SuiteTwo.com – a collection of web2.0 stack jointly developed by leading web2.0 players that include – MOVABLETYPE, SimpleFeed, Socialtext, Newsgator and Spikesource. We are announcing this at the currently ongoing Tim O’Reilly web2.0 conference in San Francisco, CA. SuiteTwo is a rich set of interconnected services that combine to improve productivity and enable high-engagement marketing. SuiteTwo includes the most trusted platforms for blogs, wikis, RSS feed reading, and RSS feed management, all under a single management interface.

Why is Scheduling Still So Damn Hard?

Stephen recently wrote What I would love is to be able to offer - selectively or publicly - visibility into my calendar, with ACL based write access that’s easy enough for anyone to use. The sheer amount of time this would save come conference time, when 10’s or 100’s of people are asking for time with us, would be worth its weight in gold. It would allow us to push the burden of scheduling onto those who request our time.

Plazes: Simple Solution to a really difficult problem

Simple Solution to a really difficult problem Checkout : http://beta.plazes.com/home/ Plazes is a grassroots approach to location-aware interaction, using the local network you are connected to as a location reference. Plazes allows you to share your location with the people you know and to discover people and plazes around you. Plaze = Location + Context: A Plaze is a physical location with a local network - private or public, wired or unwired.