Sun Microsystems to sell 'virtual' Windows PCs

Posted by Jobi George on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now, who would have thought Sun would go to this length. But this shows the newfound maturity and the savviness of the young CEO. Sun now, with the acquisition, can provide a good stack for hosted desktop solutions.

“Sun VPC Strategy”

Sun Microsystems plans to introduce software and hardware to create “virtual” Windows and Linux personal computers that can be accessed via desktop machines, laptops and cell phones.“We are going to announce (it) soon,” said Steve Wilson, a Sun vice president involved in the project. The machines will compete with ones from Citrix Systems Inc and VMware Inc

Sun bought an interesting company recently called Innotek (VirtualBox). It sounded at that time why anybody cares for yet another VMM vendor. But on looking through the technology portfolio, one realizes what Sun was purchasing. Sun was always interested in their IP. In the last couple of months, Sun has become a VDI player by repositioning the 15 years of experience from Sun Ray and others. But they used ALP protocol and had a hole in RDP IP. VirtualBox fills in that niche very well that I have highlighted above.

With this excellent move, Sun Microsystems has good competition in the VDI space. VMWare better watchout.

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