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Should Early-Stage startups invest in Business Development?

At early-stage startups BD function, if grown in the right way, can amplify the go-to-market with minimal resources and bring opportunities that can change the trajectory of the company…

Rushing to Cloud Marketplaces is not a strategy

For software vendors, it is not just about getting on the catalog but also about building a product that maximizes the massive channel these cloud marketplaces open up Cloud Marketplaces from mega cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google GCP are in now, AWS Marketplace alone has 7500+ listings and over a million subscribers. Cloud is fundamentally transforming the supply chain of software and services. For any independent software vendor (ISV) today it is hard to ignore the havoc these cloud platforms are causing to their established way of building, marketing, and selling software.

iAd - Did Google hold a red cloth to the charging bull?

With iAd now officially announced and details starting to trickle in, the fight is officially on. Google and Apple are now in direct competition, and this time it is on Google’s home turf. Forbes has a good take on what is missing in the iAd efforts. The four keys ones are - Creative agencies build ads in Flash. There is no comparable tool for creating HTML5 creatives. As a media agency (e.

Android Business Model getting clearer - The 3 options

Google is finally giving more clarity on the business models for device vendors and service providers. The NY Times article mention three options - The obligation-free option: Free Android, load onto their devices, and provide access to as many or as few apps as they want. No preload popular Google applications, like Gmail or Google calendar. The small strings attached option: Same as Option 1, except that manufacturers sign a distribution agreement to include on the phone Google applications.

Apple Sells Benefits others sell features

Yes, Apple has done it again, and as always, I am a big fan of Steve (who isn’t :-) 3G iPhones will be here soon, and the platform’s evolution continues. The difference between Apple and Google is so visible. Apple sells benefits, while everyone else sells features. Since average consumers are only interested in benefits, they care about calling, texting someone, taking photos, playing video, navigating maps, browsing the web, reading email, etc.