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Should Early-Stage startups invest in Business Development?

At early-stage startups BD function, if grown in the right way, can amplify the go-to-market with minimal resources and bring opportunities that can change the trajectory of the company…

iAd - Did Google hold a red cloth to the charging bull?

With iAd now officially announced and details starting to trickle in, the fight is officially on. Google and Apple are now in direct competition, and this time it is on Google’s home turf. Forbes has a good take on what is missing in the iAd efforts. The four keys ones are - Creative agencies build ads in Flash. There is no comparable tool for creating HTML5 creatives. As a media agency (e.

Android Business Model getting clearer - The 3 options

Google is finally giving more clarity on the business models for device vendors and service providers. The NY Times article mention three options - The obligation-free option: Free Android, load onto their devices, and provide access to as many or as few apps as they want. No preload popular Google applications, like Gmail or Google calendar. The small strings attached option: Same as Option 1, except that manufacturers sign a distribution agreement to include on the phone Google applications.

Apple's Secret Weapon

First, they start with a product (not in their core competency) – iPod. Connected it to their core product iMac and built a service around it iTunes (which btw also worked on Windows, covering 99% of desktops). Then they added another complement AppleTV and now iPhone & Safari. Slowly they have circled the Consumer Home, PC ecosystem, and Cellphone and established what Geoffery Moore would call a 'New Platform boundary.'

Digitization of Desktop

Virtualization driven desktop consolidations are very much in the news now. VMware with VDI got it started, but others are rallying and catching on to the bandwagon very quickly. Though late to the party,Citrix, Microsoft and others are not sitting idle and are quickly catching up. Recent news on the licensing changes from Microsoft to support Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktops (VECD) looks like the tipping point for the adoption of desktop virtualization by the mainstream.