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How IBM leverages Open Source

Dana Blankenhorn recently blogged about IBMs reaction to Sun’s Java plan and their approach to the open source ecosystem. I think Dana summarizes it very well. IBM believes Open Source is a great technology floor on which others and even IBM builds. But as Dana points out, it is naive to treat IBM as a Solutions and Services company with the rest of the software industry players, primarily software vendors like Oracle, SAP, RedHat, and Microsoft.

PCs and web2.0 : Part 2 PCs the perfect Interaction Engines

Last week I talked about how the evolving push towards services-based applications threatens the existing PCs role. There is a widespread fear that web2.0 and SaaS will finally kill the thick Moore’s law-driven PC, and we all will be either working on dumb terminals or the cell phone size devices that will run all our applications. Skeptics and realists are arriving and last week’s blog byJohn Milan talked about how Google’s desktop based application strategy is evolving.

PCs and web2.0 : Part 1 What made PCs so successful

There is enough written about the PCs' success and the overall impact it has had over decades. PCs are attributed to increased productivity, economic gains, and the creation of the Information Technology business. I don’t have to delve into it very much. I am looking at PCs and their role in the changing landscape of services-based applications, call it web2.0, SOA, or some flavor of SaaS. I am using the term PCs very loosely to refer PC

Intel: Meet Darwin

Pretty well put by Geoff Moore. Excellent guidance and lesson for anybody trying to be a platform player. Dealing with Darwin demands counter-intuitive actions, specifically when the environment has changed in some fundamental way that invalidates one’s traditional source of competitive advantage. … The competitive advantage position is changed. It remains to be seen if Intel can adapt and define competitive advantages in adjacencies. This past week Intel surprised analysts with the latest in a set of uncharacteristically weak performances, especially in comparison with AMD.